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  • DAS News of the Day 2016-08-24

        DAS City Tip:   The International Contemporary Dance Music Festival brings argentinian dance culture to Berlin Hauptbahnhof from the 23rd til the 28th of August 2... » more

  • A2+ Intensive English course from 12.09 2016-08-23

      "There is a nice team at DAS Academy and they have a good communication by email. It was great to have classes with such a small group of people as it helped us to learn faster." Nest... » more















Interview of the month
DAS Interview of the month - August/September
DAS Akadamie is the second language school I've tried since living in Berlin and the differences compared with my previous school are enormous! I feel very lucky to have studied with the teachers I've had at DAS Akadamie. I think that having a good teacher means everything when learning German. Not only have my teachers at DAS been incredible at what they do, they've also been incredible people. I believe they really care about making lessons interesting with their own unique personality added to every lesson.   Wie heißt du und woher kommst du? What is your name and where are you from?... » more


DAS Gallery

DAS Gallery
DAS Akademie Berlin Cursos de alemán en Berlín






Students` opinions
  • Cyril Valentin Frankreich / Deutsch...
    Très bonne impression de l'equipe et du service. Très professionnel! DAS est très bien! A recommander! J'ai...
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  • Marina Dvurechenskaia aus Russland / Mathe...
    Gutes Team und gute Betreuuung! Ich habe die DAS Akademie über ein russisches Forum kennengelernt. Ich habe mich...
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  • Barbara Aigner Deutschland / Türki...
    Zahide Hanim çok sympatik ve çok iyi ögeretmen teşekür ederim. Wer bietet mir sonst einen Türkisch Unterricht...
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