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  • A1.1 Evening Course German for Beginners starts 14 September 2015 2015-08-31

      "Excellent teachers and super friendly staff.... My German went ahead by leaps and bounds here" Timothy H.   Our next A1.1 evening class for German beginners star... » more

  • German Courses in Berlin - Intensive and Evening Classes available 2015-08-25

      "Excellent teachers and super friendly staff. Small classes and relevant up-to-date course- and workbooks (i.e. not embarrassingly childish topics). My German went ahead b... » more















Interview of the month
DAS Interview des Monats - September
What is your name and where are you from? My name is Severin Discher and I'm from Battle Creek, Michigan, USA. A small city known for its cereal production, located near Detroit, Michigan.   How long have you been in Berlin and what do you like about the city? I have been to Berlin several times beginning last year. My heritage is rooted in Germany and I have been eager to see more of the country and culture. Berlin offers an excellent balance for all my needs.   Which language are you studying at DAS Akademie? Deutsch, of course! It sounds authoritative,... » more


DAS Gallery

DAS Gallery
Sprachreise nach Deutschland ..






Students` opinions
  • Madeline Hellmann deutsche Flugbegleit...
    Das Team und die Betreuung waren sehr gut. Stets Informationen bei Änderungen, sehr gute Lehrerin, gute...
    » more
  • Christoph Herms /Deutschland /Englis...
    Great academy for learning. Ein sehr Gutes Team mit toller flexibler Betreuung. Ich wurde durch einen Flyer auf die...
    » more
  • Irene Dionisio Italien / Englisch a...
    The Team is very polite and organized. A friend of mine said to me that it's a very good place to improve my...
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