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  • B1+ German intensive and evening course 2015-03-05

      Have you attended several German language courses but still struggle to speak ? Can you form perfect sentences in your head , but when you try to communicate in German, it comes... » more

  • DAS EVENT: Cosmic Comedy! 2015-03-04

    Come have a laugh with us next Monday at Cosmic Comedy, a stand-up Comedy show in English at Mein Haus am See!     Wann? Montag, 9. März When? Monday 9. March   T... » more















Interview of the month
Interview of the Month - March
  What is your name and where are you from? Hi, my name is Angela and I am from Spain.   What is unique or typical about your home country? The food, the sun, the see, the people ... did I mention the food yet?   What is different in Germany and what do you miss here? I really miss the beach and the ocean. Not only sunbathing, but also walking along the beach, seeing the Athlantic ocean and its smell.   What does Berlin mean to you? What do you like in particular? I love the different culture things going on in town, the different kind of... » more


DAS Gallery

DAS Gallery
DAS Puzzelt! Wo ist denn das verdammte Teil ;)






Students` opinions
  • Reiko Kiyama Japan / Englisch als...
    Team and service are EXELLENT! I could understand most of the website. The teacher is very good and I could learn...
    » more
  • Federica Dini from Italy / German ...
    Super! Everybody was SO delightful, DANKE!!! I found DAS Akademie Berlin through google and chose it because of its...
    » more
  • Robert Willim Österreich / Studen...
    Team: very friendly and good. The website is good and lessons very good.
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