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  • German A1.2 evening course 2017-02-17

      ''The team and service were very good! I decided to take classes at DAS Akademie because the course was exactly what I needed. All teachers were great: nice topic diversity. My fav... » more

  • DAS News of the Day 2017-02-17

      Random Acts Of Kindness Day Who doesn't like to be surprised with unexpected gift? There is a special occasion today to make someone happy with random act of kindness. ... » more















Interview of the month
DAS Interview des Monats Februar/ März - Yi Jin
Wie heißt du und woher kommst du? What is your name and where are you from? My name is Yijin Sun and I come from China. Seit wann bist Du schon in Berlin und was magst Du an dieser Stadt? How long have you been in Berlin and what do you like about the city? I have moved in Berlin 2 month ago. Berlin is a young and attractive city. Welche Sprache lernst Du an der DAS Akademie? Which language are you studying at DAS Akademie? I study German in DAS. Welche Erfahrungen hast Du hier bei DAS gemacht? What has been your experience at... » more


DAS Gallery

DAS Gallery
Chillen & grillen!!






Students` opinions
  • Clara Lopez aus Spanien/English ...
    Die Schule und DAS Team waren sehr nett und immer hilfsbereit. Der Unterricht hat sehr viel spaß gemacht. Ich...
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  • Aylin Oner aus Weißrussland / ...
    Alles war super! Von der DAS Akademie habe ich im Internet erfahren.Ich habe mich für die DAS Akademie entschieden,...
    » more
  • Adrian Romani Vasquez Spanien/ Deutsch al...
    The team and service was good,the staff was nice, but some unexpected problems (like €25 not being mentioned in the...
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