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  • DAS News of the Day 2016-06-24

      Today in 1948 the Berlin Blockade began. The Berlin Blockade refers to the blockade of west Berlin by the Soviet Union from June 24th 1948 until May 12th 1949.   ... » more

  • DAS News of the Day 2016-06-23

    Today is an important day for people in the UK! They are voting in a referendum on whether to leave or stay in the European Union, known as „Brexit“. This is the second time in history th... » more















Interview of the month
Interview des Monats - Juni
  What is your name and where are you from? My name is Ksenia, and I came from Russia.   What is special about your home town? I was born in Ivanovo, the city approx. 300 km from Moscow, with population over 400.000 people. The city was founded in 1609 and used to have the name Ivanovo-Voznesensk. The city is primarily known for its textile industry, educational institutions and revolutionary history. Known under the names "City of brides", “Homeland of the First Soviet", “Textile region", “Textile capital of Russia", and "Russian and Red Manchester”.   How long have... » more


DAS Gallery

DAS Gallery
DAS Bier kenne ich, aber den Trinker nicht!






Students` opinions
  • Sandra from Italy / account...
    DAS Akademie s team is very good, especially Fiona. I found out about DAS Akademie on the internet and I decided to...
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  • Jovana from Serbia/ economi...
    Everything and everybody at DAS Akademie are great. I found out about the school on the internet and I decided to...
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  • Daniel Persson Sweden / Deutschkurs...
    I wanted to improve my speaking and found DAS Akademie thanks to Google. I liked the good mood and familiarity here....
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