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Improve your English in Berlin!

Due to the great success of our English Summer Specials in previous years, we are happy once again to offer you the chance to learn English in an intensive and effective way - in one of the greatest cities in Europe!


"Learning by speaking“ is our credo, and in this course you are going to learn the kind of English you actually need in real life! Role-plays and language games guarantee variety, excitement and a lively use of language during the sessions.


During the summer months of June, July and August we offer special English classes with 15 units per week, 3 units every day from Monday to Friday. The course is suitable for students of intermediate level, and focusses on developing your communicative skills - while naturally practising grammar, reading and writing skills.


English Summer Special

15 units / week *

(1 unit = 45 min.)



2 weeks: 299,- EUR

4 weeks: 489,- EUR

8 weeks: 899,- EUR

12 weeks: 1299,- EUR


(NB: A non-refundable registration fee of €60 applies to registrations from outside of Germany.)


Classes are designed for students to join at any time.



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