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Something for everyone!

In addition to your language training, we are delighted to be there for you in your spare time as well. Berlin offers a wide range of art, culture, sports, shopping and nightlife. With our trips, activities and seminars you can enjoy a rich experience of the city and country, get to know lots of new people and become better acquainted with the peculiarities of German culture and language. We are mindful that while we have fun together, the learning and practice of the German language in a variety of situations is a priority. Participation is not mandatory, but it is certainly to be recommended.



Here are some examples:


DAS Kulti:

DAS Kulti is simply outstanding. Our students present their own country and their culture in the German language. It is a good exercise for speakers and a very interesting experience for all participants. Here you can speak German, to make contacts and become acquainted with other cultures.





In Berlin, there is much to see and discover. The German capital has many attractions. Together we visit the Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz, Berlin Town Hall, Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin Zoo, Berlin Cathedral, Federal Chancellery, Botanical Garden, "Fernsehturm" (tower), Gendarmenmarkt, Museum Island, Kaufhaus Des Westens, Neue Wache, Olympic Stadium, the Reichstag, Unter den Linden, and much more. In more than 170 museums you can experience history first hand.




We meet regularly to learn, drink and eat. Did you know that in Germany there are more than 1500 types of beer? Together we go to one of the countless Cafés and pubs in the vicinity of the DAS Akademie. There you can find the confidence to speak the language make new friends.



Sports Activities:

Bowling, volleyball, badminton, climbing, and much more. Depending on the season, we take great pleasure in a variety of sports.




DAS History:

In our DAS History Seminar you can hear the story of Berlin, frim its founding, to the Second World War, up to the division and reunification of the city. This seminar usually lasts about 90 minutes. The first half being a lecture and the second a discussion. Afterwards we go for a drink together




DAS Kino:

Who wants to go the cinema alone? Going together makes it just more fun. We go to the cinema and watch new movies in German.




DAS Treff:

As the name suggests: We meet in the academy, eat, drink, make music together, and usualld end up dancing. It's fun.




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