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Do you have any plans for this summer yet? Do you want to learn Spanish but you don't want to go abroad? Do you speak Spanish and want to practice it while having a great time with others your age? We have the perfect holiday for you! Join our summer camp and you will have a great time doing sports, enjoying the outdoors and visiting Berlin while you study Spanish! We bring Spain to you, you dont need to go abroad!


For two weeks, you will enjoy our Spanish lessons (20 lessons per week) with experienced teachers. Not only will you learn Spanish, but you will embrace Spanish culture as well. We will show you that you dont need to be in Spain to become Spanish!


Lessons are made to suit every student, from total beginners (A1) to fluent speakers (C1). If you can already speak Spanish, you will be able to immerse yourself in it for two weeks! We have prepared exciting activities for you: swimming in the lake, volleyball, basketball, table-tennis, biking... and, of course, daytrips to Berlin!


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