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So, why choose DAS Akademie? What sets you apart from other language schools??

"Where to start! This is the most amazing school ever! the school makes you feel like you're at home, the atmosphere is really cool, in the class you're just few students so it's perfect, the method is just amazing and fun to do, we speak a lot, play roles that we write ourselves, you learn very quickly and you can speak really fast! The teachers don't push you hard, they take time with you, if you don't understand something, they are really open and patient." Anne D.

"I loved my (too) short few weeks at DAS Akademie. I was very happy with my experience there and it was a highlight of my time in Berlin. For me, it was hard to find a suitable German school and I had looked over 10 of them. DAS Akademie happened to be the last one I visited. As soon as I walked in I instantly felt at home. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the staff were lovely. I especially liked how they were flexible and accommodating to my needs.
My B2.1 class was quite small (5-6 people), which was great for me as it meant we could get a lot of individual attention. The main focus of the school is speaking and gaining confidence in everyday German. As someone who loves to learn languages I find conversational skills to be the hardest to acquire. There still was reading, writing and grammar but being encouraged to speak during class helped my German the most. The teachers were also very enthusiastic and I am glad they kept challenging me to speak even at times when I felt shy or like I couldn't express myself.
Although this school may seem a little on the expensive side, I think it is definitely worth it for the extra cost. The small and student-tailored classes quickly accelerated my German more than I could imagine and it's quite a small, family-like business so the staff there really do care about you.
Thank you very much DAS Akademie for a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anyone wishing to progress quickly with their German in a fun and challenging environment. I hope to be back one day. Bis später!"  Lara P.

"Die beste deutsche Schule, die ich in Berlin gewesen bin. alle Menschen, die an der Schule arbeiten, sind sehr besorgt über ihre Schüler, so freundlich und in der Nähe von mir, auch immer sehr interessiert unsere Sprache zu perfektionieren.
Mein Lehrer ist sehr didaktisch und klar zu erklären, kann ich viel in der Klasse sprechen, das finde ich Perfekt! wirklich Methodologie ist sehr gut. Wenn ich mehr Zeit hätte, würde ich gerne intensive Unterricht nehmen. Ich empfehle die Schule für alle, die Deutsch lernen in Berlin interessiert sind!!!" Romi G.


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