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Learning German at DAS Summer Camp Berlin is Fun!


Before lessons start, participants are divided into small groups of no more than fifteen students, according to their age and German language level. This ensures an intensive as well as safe learning experience. During the following two weeks, they’ll receive a total of forty German lessons* by our experienced and highly skilled teaching team. Lessons will focus on listening comprehension and speaking, and therefore comprise a variety of educational games, lots of fun and movement. Of course, students’ reading and writing skills are trained as well through the use of varied and age-specific teaching materials.

The DAS Specials allow students to experience and discover the German language through a series of pedagogically designed games, music, theatre, and German language activities. Furthermore, all lessons are designed and coordinated with DAS Summer Camp Berlin’s leisure activities programme: We experience that which we learn; and we learn that which we experience.


DAS Summer Camp Berlin is immersive, creative, effective :)


* 1 lesson = 45 minutes



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