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  • German Evening Course for beginners A1.1 - 23.10.2017! 2017-10-13

    „I have been attending the intensive German course at DAS Akademie since February. I had some previous German knowledge before arriving here but the improvement I see is impressive (mainly ... » plus

  • German Intensive Course for beginners A1.1 starts 23.10.2017! Join today! 2017-10-12

    A1.1 level is fundamental for further language learning. Start speaking German from the very first lesson at our language school in Berlin Mitte ! What makes german courses at DAS different ... » plus















Entrevue du mois
DAS Interview des Monats August - Die Gruppe aus Georgien
Das Akademie is the special place where the best team is working,the lessons are fun and they are focused on speaking,which is the best way to learn a language. I hope i will come back again,i will miss you. Thanks for everything » plus


Galerie DAS

Galerie DAS
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commentaires de étudiants
  • Eyal Ein Habar Israel / Deutsch als...
    The DAS Akademie Team is very friendly and the time periods are flexible. The course was exactly for my needs. Hier...
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  • Tania Valladares Spanien / Secretary...
    La profesora ha hecho las clases muy amena y yo personalmente he aprendido y practicado mucho. Decidí estudiar aquí...
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  • Alicia Valero Spanien/ Deutsch al...
    Ich finde das Team sehr freundlich und professionell. Ich habe mich für DAS Akademie entscheiden weil ich gute...
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