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  • German Intensive Morning Course B1.1 for everyone with broader elementary knowledge from the 8th of January! 2017-12-14

    " Hello Everybody, I was at DAS Academy for the last 7 months. Previously I attended several German schools here in Berlin and I must say that the degree of preparation and the atmo... » więcej

  • German Evening Course A2.2 for everyone with elementary knowledge 2017-12-11

      ''The staff here is so nice and interesting. I like you all!. I decided to take classes at DAS Akademie because of teaching, arrangement and quality. I have taken so many Ger... » więcej















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DAS Interview des Monats August - Die Gruppe aus Georgien
Das Akademie is the special place where the best team is working,the lessons are fun and they are focused on speaking,which is the best way to learn a language. I hope i will come back again,i will miss you. Thanks for everything » więcej


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  • Yunju Choi Korea / Test-Daf Sc...
    Die Akademie ist gut und interessant. Die Schule liegt in der Nähe von meinem Zuhause. Eine Gute Lehrerin. Die leute...
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  • Giuseppe D'Addurno aus Italien / Englis...
    Everybody was pleasant and kind with me. I found out about the DAS Akademie Berlin on the Internet and decided to...
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  • Carmen Lopez Lehrerin / Deutschku...
    DAS Team ist super und sehr gut! Die Lehrerin Sweta ist fantastisch. Ich habe viel gelernt.
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