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Interview of the Month - September/October


Our DAS interview of the month was with the lovely Heidi and George, a couple from Australia who are living in Berlin for 12 months. They were both studying German with us at DAS academy.


What are your names and where are you from?

Heidi: My name is Heidi and I'm from Tasmania, Australia.

George: My name is George and I am also from Tasmania.


Which language are you learning with us at DAS Akademie?

George: We are both learning German. I am in the A2.1 class and Heidi is a bit more advanced in B1.2.


What do you like most about Berlin?

Heidi: For me it's the diversity. It's such an interesting city. What about you?

George: It's the diversity and also the energy. Everyone does as they please and you can find whatever fun you would like.


What's your favourite thing about your home town?

George: I think my favourite thing about our home town is where we used to live. It's a beautiful area with lots of trees and bush, and it's not a very busy place.

Heidi: It's very, very different in comparison with Berlin. There's not so much to do and there's a lot of nature around. So yes, very different!


Where are you travelling next?

George: We're going to the seaside in the North of Germany this weekend, but outside Germany we're going to Portugal to meet up with my father who lives there.

Heidi: We are also planning a trip to Cinque Terre around the middle of September.


What is your favourite German word that you have learned with us at DAS Academy?

Heidi: Today we leant “entdeckt” which means “discover”. Wir möchten viele Sachen hier entdecken!!


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